The method of announcing a delay on Age verification (fully expected) in the UK is surprising. it appears as a side note reference in a statement on 5G plans. I havent’ found any normative official statement . The exact wording of the statement – buried in an announcement about 5G plans:

“For the public and the industry to prepare for and comply with age verification, the Government will also ensure a period of up to three months after the BBFC guidance has been cleared by Parliament before the law comes into force. It is anticipated age verification will be enforceable by the end of the year.”

I saw this first through a post shared by David Birch. I had to ask him whether or not he had shared the wrong article! He obviously didn’t.

The news has know made its way to many more articles, the source is still the same for all of them, the 5G plans strategy PR release.

My question is one of method not content: Was the statement intentionally buried? Or was it just a case of poor coordination between different agencies competing PR releases?