Today, PayM published their statistical update running to the end of 2015. I have listed my key take outs below. PayM growth has slowed down substantially We can see that the rate of growth of registered users has decreased in 2015. There have been 139k less registrations in Q2 2015 vs Q2 2014, i.e 18% less registrations  (see graph below)   17% of mobile banking users are registered to PayM? As of end of 2015 the Paym registrations stand as just above 3M: So is that big or small? Let’s do some rough maths. I think there must be circa 18M mobile active banking users in the UK. Hence that means that ~17% of UK mobile banking users have signed up to Paym. That’s not bad really within a 2.5 years period.   Average transactions value down by 11% Average transaction value…

Screen Shot 2016-02-01 at 17.31.22

I thought I would share these 3 graphs to provide a better understanding as to how Facebook users have evolved in relation to the devices they use to access the service. It’s in reaction of a number of graphs that in my view albeit accurate gave the misleading impression that Facebook desktop users had disappeared. I believe this to be important as albeit mobile is crucially important, one shouldn’t neglect desktop as it remains a key part of most customers digital mix. Thoughts and comments are welcome. If you find this of interest please do like and share this post. These are based on Facebook official earning slides: Here we go:

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The rise of Fintechs (true) and some nonsensical conclusions you can reuse in presentations… I would like to share with you the conclusions of some (not) in depth analysis I have conducted, all supported by graphs (i.e. it must be true). 2015, the Fintech year? The above graph shows the rise in searches on google involving the word “Fintech”. That’s a truly remarkable graph, illustrating the increase in interest for Fintechs during the course of 2015, the word itself appearing as early as 2006. It will be interesting to see the trend in 2016. Verdict: conclusive Will digital transformation of big banks manage to fend off the threat of disruption? Yes! It seems that in 2015, according to google searches, Digital transformation has succeeded in fighting off disruption. Maybe not.. Apologies, actually it seems that even with the numerous digital…